Emiliano Celiz


The mark of a true artist is the courageous skill to redefine the limits of their craft, create from their vision beauty yet to be known. Emiliano Céliz moves beyond artistry through his work. He has created visual poetry through silver, light within darkness, moonlight dancing across churning ocean waves. His work reinvents the art of the silversmith...

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The challenge of new crafts consists in designing innovative expressions that would link each creator to their time and surroundings.
Céliz vases hide cherished secrets in the Patagonic nature and the alchemy of the trade, and they reveal change in their innovative shape, a change with which we can identify.

Roberto Vega Andersen // Expert in Iberoamerican Popular Art.

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1989 - 2010

Creole Silverware, traditional style of Argentine and South American silverware.


Permanent Expositions

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Colección Georg Museum
Colección Georg Museum
San Martín de los Andes, Patagonia Argentina
Llao Llao Resort, Golf & Spa
Llao Llao Resort, Golf & Spa
Bariloche, Argentina
Maison Gerard
Maison Gerard
New York, USA
Arthus Gallery
Arthus Gallery
Brussels, Belgium
Hilde Leiss
Hilde Leiss
Galerie für Schmuck, Hamburg, Germany


Emiliano Céliz
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